Creating Medusa - Traveling Dress Project 2019 - Idaho

For this year’s traveling dress project we had a black and red blend dress to work with. I honestly had a hard time figuring out what the heck I was going to do with it at first lol. In the end I was happy with my decision and went with a Medusa theme. It was a TON of work to achieve what I was wanting, but it was satisfying for me to see it all come together. I probably wont put this much work and money into a project again lol, but I definitely don’t regret it. I met some cool people along the way and overall it was a cool experience.

I placed 4th in the gallery competition. Not as high ranking as the other years I have participated, but art is subjective, and that’s alright :). I’m pleased with how my images came out!

Here is a little “behind the scenes” action and the editing process of creating medusa.


Spring Blooms twenty nineteen!

I love the orchards! We go at least 3 times a year, summer when all the trees are lush and green, fall when the fruits are ripe and colorful, and spring when the blossoms are in bloom! I was so happy we caught the blooms at their fullest this year! So gorgeous.

watermark collage.jpg

Moana | Boise Idaho Child Photographer

Moana themed photo shoot

I have been just dying to get back in the photo game! I still haven't had much energy or strength to actually dive back into booking and photographing sessions quite yet.

When I heard our friend wanted a Moana themed shoot for her daughter I was super duper excited as well as nervous as I haven't taken a session in awhile and wasn't sure if I was up to it yet! I'm soo glad I decided to do it although it was exhausting it was just so rewarding and fun! 

My super supportive husband made this adorable raft while I made the sail. Mom found the perfect Moana outfit from an Etsy shop and the stuffies from Toys r us and Target. I was very giddy and happy with how these turned out, I mean just look at this precious little girl! She was so excited to be her favorite princess for an evening.... and she nailed it! Don't you think so?! 

See it on facebook! 


Hazlett Family | Boise Family Photographer

I was super excited to capture this little family. Family photos for the Hazlett family meant alot to them. They needed some great shots of all of them together for their portfolio to start the process of..... adopting baby number 2!! That was exciting for me to hear, one of my sisters is adopted and we love her to pieces! It just warms my heart knowing a baby is going to have a great future with a loving family. I love to see families grow <3

DSC_0754 copy 2.jpg