What is custom photography?

Custom photography is photography servicing YOUR specific needs,  with unique styles and luxury quality. Your satisfaction is the #1 priority, we plan ahead for your perfect shoot and make sure we create beautiful memories for you and your family to cherish forever. By choosing custom photography YOU get to pick your photographer. Photo Studio chains, Santa and the Easter bunny in your local mall are not custom photography. I know studio chains are very limited with their camera's and only have 10-15 minutes a session! (that's right only 10-15 minutes!). I use to work at one, it was great and I loved that I had the chance to experience that, don't get me wrong. Studio chains are perfect for some people as long as you're willing to take a gamble with skills of the photographer that your getting .  Fine art portraiture vs Studio chains is kinda like Fine dining vs Fast food.  With Custom photography YOU are all that matters you're the only one, no wait, no rush and capturing those perfect moments that are special and important to you are the main goal. 

Why does it cost so much?

The saying "you get what you pay for" is all too true.  While cheap is nice, some things in life are worth investing in. Fine art portraiture is definitely worth the investment! Time is so fleeting, capturing those precious moments are priceless. Time is something you cannotget back, which is the main reason Custom photography costs so much. With Custom photography your photographer is investing a great amount of time in each client. The time spent in scheduling the initial session, time spent setting up, traveling, breaking down and cleaning up, the session itself, and then post processing. Each photo is hand edited takes hours to complete a full gallery. There is also the business side- taxes, insurance and marketing. Good photography equipment comes at a cost as well.